Software for Image

Donwload Free for You the Rich Picture Fiture

Not just the image processing program, software Aear Qviewer 6.9.7 includes many features that can make your images appear much different. Effects that are ready (do not need a complicated setting) may be found in this program.

Interestingly, you can add effects in the natural nuances of your photo collection. The atmosphere of the rain, and overcast with clouds above it, decrease in snow days and add more light with the atmosphere will change the original image.

Podcasting Made Easy In addition, you can also use the effect of ball-ball lather, fireball or flowers with cheerful colors. This program also offers many tools from the red efe correction, crop up airbush. Addition operation is easy, you can use this program to display many photos with full screen slideshow model.

Editing results can you save in the five-image format (BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF and JPG) can also be even wallpaper for your desktop PC. Please download for free at: Aear Qviewer 6.9.7