Computers Infected with Virus Symptoms.

Computer virus is often disrupt the activities of your day-to-day. Computer viruses are usually spread out without us, from one computer to another. One of the media dissemination of computer viruses is through e-mail. After you run the attachment in the e-mail so sometimes you still do not realize that you are running a computer virus.

What signs or indicators of a computer virus on your computer? Please see just some of the signs below.

  1. Your computer runs more slowly than usual and take it consistently.
  2. Computer suddenly stops or does not respond, and often occurs.
  3. Computer suddenly restart or crash, and this happened a few minutes once.
  4. Computer suddenly restart and can not walk normal again.
  5. Applications are not running the computer operations.
  6. Hardisk or disk drive can not be accessed.
  7. Summary print does not work correctly.
  8. Often, there are strange error messages and do not usually.
  9. Often seen menu or dialog box that is damaged.

The above is a general phenomenon that a computer infected by computer virus, but can also occur because of interference from the hardware or software. With the main solution is to install anti-virus, which is always up-to-date.